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50 Best Short Hairstyles for Men in 2020

50 Best Short Hairstyles for Men in 2020

This is an high-quality quick buzz reduce with a mid blad fade. Ask your barber for a line-up to feature a clean end to this brief haircut that’s very masculine.

Short Fade Surgical Line Undercut Haircut
Instagram @conortaaffehair

This is a elegant guys’s quick fade haircut with an extended surgical line that wraps around that creates a unique disconnected undercut.

Long on Top Drop Fade
Instagram @barber.Josh.O.P

This men’s short haircut trend has quick facets that clear a easy shave with long pinnacle peicey texture.

Wavy Hard Part
This option is a fantastic proposal for hairstyles for men with quick hair that’s clearly wavy.

Caesar Cut with Shaved Sides
Men’s brief hairstyles are now merging some traditional seems like this Caesar cut blended with an old school low fade.

Modern Classic Side Part
Instagram @jim_jimthetrim_williams / Photo with the aid of @caphotography Old school cool. This brief reduce with a short side part might be sported by using James Dean’s son if he existed. Some simple classic aspects offer the silent degree for a bold and theatrical middle segment. A cut to be worn with the matching attitude.

Modern Flat Top
Instagram @nikolay_generalov

The smooth bald fadegives a modern-day twist to the traditional flat pinnacle with bangs that are instantly up. It’s a rugged appearance that impresses.

Burr Cut Fade
There are men’s short haircuts that in no way move out of favor and this brush cut (or butch cut) is one of them.

French Crop Fade
This french crop also known as a men’s blunt reduce and it’s an high-quality choice for guys going for a greater youthful appearance.

Texture Crop on Short Hair
A brief haircut that would painting a friendly, slow-moving, smooth snowed avalanche. Keeping the hair short and having it move in the equal pattern creates a feeling of order and calm.

Short Hair Natural Waves
Instagram @topchoppertommy

Natural waves of hair, as though you’ve run your fingers through it and that is just the manner your hair has set as a result. Great comparison between what seems to be unintentional and a feeling of classical glamour that ideal for guys with brief wavy hair.

Short Blunt Crop
Instagram @aaron_hardgrind

If you’re seeking to cross below the radar, not depart a mark and simply be neutral, this is the cut for you. Or, if you’re within the military, consisting of the Army, and searching out some thing a touch edgy. Give it a second idea and spot that none of the above are offensive, from time to time those are required and acceptable for sure levels of your life. Short hair for men will always have a region.

Pointed Drop Fade
This pointed drop fade is appealing and starting to end up a extra famous quick reduce for guys. With all the feel, follow a pomade for an superb looking quick coiffure that works outstanding for men with brief hair.

Mid Bald Fade
Layered Cut for Thick Short Hair
Swept Up Fade Taper
Low Fade Short Comb Over
Crew Cut
This present day group cut is one of the maximum famous short hairstyles proper now. The aggregate of the conventional group and the feel creates a current and handsome finish.

Hard Side Part for Thinning Hair
Q&A with creator, Samuel Casillas
Barber @ New Era Barbershop in Bullhead City, AZ

How would you describe this look?

It’s a gentleman’s quick haircut with a current twist. It’s a completely neat and clean haircut that you may rock anywhere and for any event. My favorite things about this haircut are the shaved aspects and the hard part that makes it look fresh.

Any advice for a person considering it?

I assume absolutely everyone can rock this appearance. It’s simple and easy to comb because of the difficult component that’s cut in. I in my view use Hairevolution Extra Hold Gel. I comb all of the hair to the aspect and at the end, and I just comb the the front upwards to give it a few fashion. Very easy to preserve and a very cool haircut to have. I suppose this haircut fits all existence and personalities.

Short Cut for Curly Hair
Q&A with creator, Marquieta White
Licensed Barber @ Golden Touch Cuts in Miami, FL

How might you describe this appearance?

This brief cut to me is very clean, fashionable, and common. Typically, the majority of the customers who need this hair cut (skin fade) are trying to permit their haircut to closing a long term and to also show self assurance in themselves.

The finest component approximately this haircut is the transition of the blend.

Any advice for a person considering it?

Pay interest to the information of head structure, the pattern of the hair growth, and the cleanliness of the hair. Those play a major component in styling due to the fact it might affect how the hair lays. Try now not to use an excessive amount of pomade or gels, because the build will not allow the hair to look it’s exceptional with so much product. If you were to apply a product, Lay Rite is a assured winner or Sweet Jamila. Brushing would be satisfactory to style with this texture which is thick and coarse.

Brushed Up for Thin Hair
This is a remarkable instance of easy & present day short guy haircuts with its smooth strains and sharp fade. It’s a extremely good instance of state-of-the-art hair for guys with thin hair.

Q&A with creator, Menco Aleksandr
Barber @ OldBoy Barbershop in Moscow, Russia

How would you describe this look?

I like this fashion and appearance because of the rigor!

Any recommendation for a person thinking about it?

This look depends on the person’s facial functions and hair texture. So for a customer with this coiffure, I advocate applying grease or classic wax.

Hipster Quiff
Q&A with creator, Dave Brown
Barber @ Spearhead Barber & Supply in Waterloo, ON

How might you describe this look?

This is a high and tight pores and skin fade, with a pomped pinnacle and added hard part. The fade is kept high using the round of the head alongside the parietal ridge to finish maximum of the fade. The shortest period is baby easy skin finished with a foil shaver.

I like that this suits my consumer Tim (@timhutchison). It’s remarkable easy which maintains it expert. But the bald fade and difficult part add some edginess.

Any recommendation for someone thinking about it?

The biggest thing to recollect is the shaved on the difficult part. That’s a commitment. Are they going to be for your chair at least each weeks for upkeep? And are they inclined to decide to the regrowth or buzz cut while they need to alternate styles?

If a patron in no way wears product, then this cut is not for them. I don’t mind this reduce styled tight or loose, matte or shine, water-based totally or oil. This does work on lots of hair types, but it does add to the morning habitual for upkeep.

As for professionalism, I accept as true with if the muse of a pleasant haircut is there and maintained, no fashion or reduce is just too edgy inside reason (mohawks, mullets, etc. Are usually out of the picture).

The most critical element for any customer in my chair is suitability. What are they wearing and what is their man or woman like? This cut and style speak self assurance even as being style forward with a touch of innovative edge. That, to me, is a very brief, but real description of Tim.

Short Hair with Textured Crop
Q&A with creator, Slim Fadey
Barber @ Mr Barbers in Cambridge, UK

How might you describe this look?

This quick style capabilities two contrasting factors in the haircut.

The first being the textured crop through the top panel. I finished this via razoring and point slicing to create versatility within the shape and fashion, permitting my client to put on this cropped reduce in numerous ways.

Secondly, we created a high skin fade into our weight line, developing a seamless transition from pores and skin to hair.

My favorite component with this unique patron’s hair and the reduce we had chosen, is the coloration tone. It’s brilliant to vanish as the nice and cozy tones come alive whilst fading the hair down to the skin, it virtually captures the eye!

Any recommendation for someone considering it?

This haircut is one of the most modern traits at the moment, because it’s low upkeep, but sharp and without difficulty ideal to any hair kind.

Products are a large part of pulling this appearance off, relying on how you want to wear it.

For a messy crop, volumizing powder is a must, alongside some very dry clay.

For a extra polished appearance, an oil-based pomade will keep it in location all day and night.

Very Short High and Tight
Q&A with creator, Kristen Claire
Cosmetology Student @ Empire Beauty Schools of New Hampshire in Portsmouth, NH

How would you describe this look?

I might describe this shorter cut as a simple excessive and tight. My favored issue approximately it might be how low renovation it's far and how it works for guys of maximum ages.

Any recommendation for someone thinking about it?

The extremely good element approximately this look is that it doesn’t require any products at all.

This haircut is pretty generic which means that it might in shape maximum men. As cited before, that is a low upkeep look which makes it best for men who don’t want to spend any time on their hair or want a more easy look.

Clean Blended High Fade
A exquisite reduce for the sporty man.

Q&A with creator, Michelle Kurdian
Senior Hair Artist @ Emaya Salon in Melbourne, VIC

How might you describe this look?

This is a short, clean cut fade. My favored factor about it is the best mixed fade I created the use of my clippers and cutthroat.

Any recommendation for a person thinking about it?

The key to growing this fashion is tools! After shampooing and conditioning, I like to apply the Cricket Static-Free Volumizer brush. Brush your hair as you are blow drying so that you can manage the hair to sit in the style you want.

By doing this, you virtually don’t need a good deal hair product to make the hair cross into position. When you practice your product (I like to apply Kevin Murphy Free.Hold), less is always greater! You can continually add more product to your styling if you want to, however you could’t take it away.

This coiffure can always be slightly tweaked to healthy any hair type whether it’s fine, thick or medium hair texture. This appearance will makeover any guy who wants to have a sharp but brand new look.

Mid Skin Fade with Combed Forward
Q&A with creator, Matt Smith
Barber @ Rum Razor Barber Shop in Durham, UK

How could you describe this appearance?

It’s a mid skin fade with a short textured top that’s combed forward. I like low and mid fades due to the fact you could really see the commencement of the fade.

Any advice for someone thinking about it?

I used Hairbond Mattifier to style this reduce. It has a first rate preserve however doesn’t set so that you can modify it via the day if needed.

Anyone may have this cut. It’s a pleasing, low preservation reduce that takes no time to style.

Hispanic Mid-Bald Fade Short Style
Q&A with creator, Jesse Lopez
Barber @ The Speak Easy Barber Lounge in Pomona, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favourite factor about it?

The appearance I gave my client is known as a buzz cut with a mid-bald fade. I left the fade proper under the temple. My favorite component about the fade might be how well combined it's far from pinnacle to bottom.

What merchandise do you advocate to recreate this look?

Because of how short the fashion, is I might advise it to be herbal with no product. My customer, however, likes to put in a touch gel to present it that spiked appearance. I suggest any gel that doesn’t contain alcohol and is flake-free.

What sort of purchaser might you advise this search for?

This style can be a search for all hair types that need to cross brief as a #2 or shorter. It looks the quality on oval shaped heads. I believe this look gives off a grown and mature look on men due to the duration.

Low Fade
Q&A with creator, Erik Zaiatz
Owner @ Bostonian Barber Shopin Boston, MA

How could you describe this appearance and what is your favorite thing approximately it?

This is a brief fashion with a tapered neck.

What products do you recommend to recreate this appearance?

No merchandise are needed to recreate this look.

What form of customer could you advise this look for?

Some customers decide upon this look squared inside the again. The tapered cut seems properly for a longer period of time than a squared returned.

Short Back and Sides
Q&A with creator, Esteban Pineda
Barber @ Lifestyle Studioin Yuba City, CA

How might you describe this appearance and what is your favourite component approximately it?

This mid-fade is a traditional short haircut for guys. It has came a protracted manner for plenty years. It’s easy, clean, and a very not unusual hairstyle. My favourite aspect about this haircut is how I transition the hair from a light to darkish effect. I deliver it a mild drop closer to the lower back of the top to expose more of a symmetric feel.

What products do you recommend to recreate this look?

I use an Andis Supra cordless gadget to cut the top down with a #3 blade. Balding out the bottom, I start with the Andis M3 trimmers and end it with the Andis shaver to offer it the easy appearance. To finish off, I fade the entire haircut with my Andis Masters, that are one of my favored clippers.

What sort of purchaser could you advocate this look for?

Anyone can get this haircut. It’s an unique haircut that has been round for quite a even as. I suggest it on a person that has thick, dark hair as it will show the transition better than it'd on mild colored hair.

Also be aware that there are very many distinct head shapes and some can show distinctive results with bumps on the canvas or shadows which can be given off for the consumer’s head.

Textured Fade
Q&A with creator, James Terry
Master Barber / Hairstylist @ Terrys Tonsorialin Hilton Head Island, SC

How might you describe this look and what's your favorite aspect approximately it?

This look is brief, textured, clean to style and herbal. My favored factor approximately this appearance is the transition. The top and the majority of the edges were cut with scissors, which adds to the feel, structure and overall form. This is instead of to a clipper which might make every hair uniform. The transition at the nape wherein it’s diminished makes this textured haircut appearance herbal and in area.

What products do you endorse to recreate this appearance?

A good blow dryer is half of of the paintings. Most of this styling has to do with drying the hair in unique ways, specifically across the top cowlick so that it doesn’t stick out.

The product used become honestly an upcoming made from mine that I actually have been running on at the aspect. It is a herbal matte hairstyling paste without any of the damaging chemicals. I’m outstanding excited to release it within the near future!

What form of patron might you advocate this search for?

This customer’s hair is thick and curls up while it’s longer, so this look is certainly for someone who's similar and has an excessive amount of hair to handle. This patron changed into also seeking out something that’s clean to style whilst he’s jogging across the city, so we agreed this was the nice search for him.

Classic Taper Fade
Q&A with creator, Dalton
Barber @ The Art of Men’s Cutsin Bryant, AR

How would you describe this look and what's your favorite component about it?

This is a traditional taper fade, a timeless men’s quick reduce. My preferred factor approximately this classic appearance is that you can watch a movie from 20 years in the past and spot humans rocking it, all of the way to today.

What products do you advise to recreate this appearance?

This look requires little to no product. Most taper fades are low protection, in spite of tapered sideburns and a tapered nape. However, they may be extra flexible with longer hair on top, such as twisted hair, hello tops, fashioned longer hair, or even instantly hair.

What kind of customer could you advise this look for?

I propose a tapered haircut for each purchaser. Does it ought to be pores and skin tapered in the sideburns? No, but I always do a little taper. This hairstyle works nicely with curly hair, in addition to immediately hair. The low or even hair with a taper works well for people who do no longer need a whole lot of attempt for his or her hair to look top.

Skin Tight Fade
Q&A with creator, Jerameel
Master Barber @ Yandy Blendz Barber Salon in Kissimmee, FL

How could you describe this look and what is your favourite factor about it?

This look is a skin tight fade with a faded beard. I love the cleanness of the fade, but my favourite part is the diminished beard. I want to see a smooth transition from hair into beard, so I faded the beard to present it that smooth, ideal appearance.

What merchandise do you advocate to recreate this appearance?

I love using Pacinos Pomade. Blow dry the pinnacle and then follow a little little bit of Pacinos Pomade to style it.

What form of client would you endorse this look for?

This hairstyle virtually is going with any hair type or face form because is a conventional appearance made modern. If you may’t cut it this short due to the kind of process you have, you could usually do the equal fashion however a touch longer to make it paintings. In my opinion, this cut seems excellent when the fade is skin tight.

Mid Fade Combover
Q&A with creator, Chris Edwards
Traveling Barber in Toledo, OH

How could you describe this appearance and what is your favored thing about it?

This short hairstyle is a combover with a mid fade. It’s a very casual, clean and sleek. I like to tell my customers that this haircut will go with any fashion.

What merchandise do you propose to recreate this look?

To gain maximum hold for this hairstyle, I’ve used Moroccan Oil Smoothing Lotion and Moroccan Oil Molding Clay. These products have superb ingredients, tremendous smell, exquisite texture, and remarkable maintain.

What kind of client would you endorse this search for?

I advocate this coiffure to my customers which have longer straighter hair. This coiffure isn’t ideal for individuals with curly hair. If you’re into business or sales, this is a pass-to haircut for you.

If you’re indecisive approximately what style to go along with, a mid bald fade with a comb over is what I suggest and the clients are constantly satisfied.

Tapered Razor Cut for Older Men
Instagram @jessherolds.Chair

Q&A with creator, Jess Herold
Master Hairstylist/Session Artist/Colorist @ Jess Herold’s Chair in Marion, IA

How might you describe this appearance and what is your preferred thing approximately it?

This is a tapered razor cut for older guys with brief hair. The longer texture gives it greater movement. My favored factor approximately this look is that it's miles convenient styling for guys due to the textured length. It shows each a tailored commercial enterprise facet and a informal carefree aspect of a man.

What products do you advise to recreate this appearance?

I styled with V76 Control Balm while moist and completed with Liquid Dust spray via Unite. Control Balm has a pleasant maintain element and a fibrous creamy consistency, yet is simple for the gentleman to observe. The Unite Liquid Dust is a spritz that shows off the texture and definition of the reduce. It is also clean to apply. Less product is more with the male customers.

What type of client might you suggest this search for?

This is a very flexible hairstyle. It works pleasant for the customers which have medium to thick hair texture. It works on maximum face shapes, although it is able to elongate a rounder face as it adds peak on pinnacle. This can be a high-quality reduce for for every body from the business expert to the man going out on the town.

Medium to Short Shag
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

This quick shag features a perimeter that covers a part of the forehead, which is best for guys with a receding hairline.

Short Side Part High Volume
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

This quick hairstyle is parted to the side with volume just on the very the front. It’s semi-matte end gives it very natural look.

Thick Pompadour
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

This shorter pompadour is slightly styled to the facet with out a described component. Hair this is medium to excessive in density will style easily with this look. All face shapes, except for really lengthy face shapes, will look exact in this fashion. Egg-fashioned heads, characterized via a sharp head, will look balanced with this style.

Short Rocker Cut
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

Keeping some period on pinnacle offers you many alternatives with regards to styling. This cut for brief hair is styled ahead with lots of texture and definition and looks first-rate on a spherical face.

Brushed to The Side
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

Here’s every other shorter haircut that’s lengthy on top. This one is brushed to the facet with texture in place of being slicked.

The Sebastian
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

The top is styled upwards and again and the perimeters are slicked to the again. This quick coiffure will make wider face shapes appear narrower, and lengthy face even longer. Hair that is medium to coarse in texture and medium to high in density will style exceptional with this appearance.

Short Faux Hawk
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

Heads which can be pointy on pinnacle should avoid this hairstyle. It will emphasize its pointiness even extra. Long faces will look longer with a mohawk. An oval face form with hair that is medium to coarse in texture and medium to high in density will look excellent with this fashion.

So what is a mohawk, fauxhawk, lohawk and a frohawk? A hair is cut right into a mohawk when there may be a clean disconnection among the segment of the hair that is left long and the barely there sides.

A fauxhawk isn’t a haircut. It is a style. Any haircut is styled right into a fauxhawk whilst the top is styled to the center. It is essentially a fake (fake) mohawk.

A lohawk is just like a mohawk except it steadily transitions and connects to the edges. There isn't any clean difference or disconnection of the shortest length and the longest.

A frohawk is a lohawk with hair texture that is simply curly.

Classic Tapered Short Hair
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

This is a conventional, tapered fashion with volume and a lot of texture. Square face shapes will look pleasant on these quick strands. Longer face shapes could appear longer because of the peak on pinnacle of the top. Wider face shapes can look wider due to the thickness on the edges of the head. Hair this is medium to coarse in texture and medium to high in density will appearance satisfactory in this fashion.

Messy and Short Brush Up
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

The cut with sides brief and the top relatively longer. It is styled up and barely to the facet without a defined component.

Short Layered Look
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

This stylish short cut functions length on top, short aspects, a blunt perimeter and a tapered again. It is styled with some height and texture inside the the front.

Curly Quiff
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

This appearance has quick sides and a absolutely lengthy pinnacle. The pinnacle is styled with volume, texture and bend. The aspects are styled slicked to the back.

Unique Crew Cut
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

Crew cuts are quick all over and has the pinnacle steadily get longer because it reaches the front. The pinnacle is styled forward and transitions upward as it reaches the front.

High Pompadour
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

This is a excessive pompadourwith a high shine end.

Textured Short Quiff
Instagram @rossmclaughlanhair

Opt out for a more herbal normal appearance by way of including a clean fade for your quiff.

Side Swept Layers
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

The Jason is a haircut with short facets and a noticeably lengthy pinnacle. It is styled into a aspect-swept faux hawk.

Pompadour Styled to Side
Image credit: shutterstock.Com

This is a brief style pompadour styled slightly to the side and one of the more famous hairdos proper now. It doesn’t seem very established and has an airy, flexible finish.

The Ivy League Haircut
Instagram @instabarber_brian

Go with an Ivy League reduce for a dapper look. A little gel and brushing goes a protracted manner for the Harvard clip.

Spiky Hair with Faded Sides
Instagram @pendarbakhtyari

Be ambitious and do that spiked hair with a pores and skin fade cutthat gives you a clean but flexible result.

Mad Men Inspired Short Haircut
Image credit: PRPhotos.Com This is a conventional businessman haircut with a Mad Men-inspired fashion. Longer face shapes and rectangular face shapes will appearance red carpet ready with this coiffure. To be easily styled, the hair density and texture ought to be medium.

One of Paul Mitchell’s slogans is so real: “Style isn’t born, it is groomed.”

If you want incredible, head-turning hair, you want to place some concept and work into it. Next time you get a haircut, make sure to take note of how your hair is styled and don’t be afraid to ask questions.